BHPH 101

The BHPH 101plus Program

After 21 years of daily BHPH operations including literally helping process tens of thousands of loans, working with 20 Groups across the country, opening multiple BHPH operations from scratch, writing and responding to blogs, and training dealership personnel, Gene has put all his experience down in an easy to read “how-to” manual for starting your own BHPH operation.

This program covers all aspects of starting and operating a BHPH (or Lease Here Pay Here) dealership including:

  • Personnel: Who to Hire and When
    Having the right team members in your store is critical to your success. This chapter helps you avoid the pitfalls of making a bad hire.
  • Getting Started including a 3-year Pro-Forma example
    Understand the expenses and how much you need to get through the first 3 years
  • Choosing a Dealer Management System
    There are several to choose from and what you can afford to start may not work for your operation long
  • Ongoing Staffing  – Hiring for the Right Position
    I talk about the types of people you need to succeed and what roles need to be filled as you grow
  • Underwriting – The key to a successful Portfolio
    I discuss what is important, what you must verify, and who should handle this
  • Devices – Use them or Not?
    I’ve used them and I have been successful without them, are they right for your operation?
  • Collections – Not as hard as you may think
    I cover who you need handling this and why it’s not as difficult as you may think
  • Accounting
    No matter what business you’re in, you have to have good accounting
  • Related Finance Company (RFC)
    The RFC is a nice option, but there are few circumstances where it’s not a good idea
  • Value of Service Contracts and Reconditioning
    This can be a profit center, and increase closing ratios for auto buyers 
  • BHPH Service Department
    This is a very important part of your success. Your shop can be run correctly and your customers can pay for most of the repairs
  • Compliance
    The biggest game-changer over the last 10 years. You MUST be Compliant!

Also included are vendor website links, articles to read, and a checklist for each function you will need to set up and operate your BHPH dealership. The manual includes all the forms you can use to protect your operation and remain compliant in today’s market.

With the purchase of this manual, you will have the information you need to succeed.  This is a downloaded PDF file that allows you to read online or print out the sections or chapters you want to have handy to share with your staff.

This could be one of the best investments you make in your business life.  Other training programs and consultant fees can run $2,000 or more.  This program was designed to be user-friendly and is priced at only $299.  All major credit/debit cards or PayPal are accepted.

If you want more information on what’s included in the program or want to order a physical copy please contact Gene Daughtry at (479) 970-4049.


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BHPH Operations

Unlike traditional new and pre-owned dealerships, BHPH dealerships are unique in a number of ways. How vehicles are priced, how prospects are qualified, how credit criteria is set . . . is all different for these operations. Gene Daughtry for the last 20+ years operated, started, and grew BHPH operations for a number of dealerships. Over that time he developed a playbook and strategy to address the various components and departments of BHPH operations. In addition to having Gene do onsite training in your dealership, he offers dealers his BHPH 101 Program that provides step by step guidelines to improve performance, efficiency, and maintain compliance with current rules and regulations. Want to hear more about training resources?  Call Gene Daughtry at (479) 970-4049.

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